Board Members

The Quincy Area Safety Council “Board” is composed of a 10-member Board of Directors, elected from the membership, which meets at various times during the year. The Board members are responsible for decisions that directly affect the Council. Since the council is a local organization, the needs of the membership and the community can be quickly addressed.
2018 Officers and Board Members

Mike Dailing – Knapheide Manufacturing
Vernon Cash – Cerro Flow Products
Vice President
Paul Astheimer – Phibro Animal Health
Kate Rhoades – Blessing Hospital
Past President
Chris Harsell – Bleigh Ready Mix
Board Member

Janet Dean – JM Huber
Board Member
Crystal Klauser – Gardner Denver
Board Member
Robin Schild – Quincy Park District
Board Member
Dennis Bingheim – Gem City Kiwanis
Board Member
Shannon Pilkington – Quincy Police Dept