Safety Grants

The Council participates in many outside safety-related organizations with donations of time and financial support. Organizations and programs that have benefited from the council’s involvement are, Adams County SAFE KIDS,  John Wood Community College, Quincy Fire Department, Tri-Township Fire Department, and the Gem City Breakfast Kiwanis. The Quincy Area Safety Council has co-sponsored Fire Safety Awareness during the month of October and assisted law enforcement through the Quincy Police department.

Criteria for Eligibility

I. Applicant organization must be a Quincy Area Safety Council (QASC) member.

II. The grant must benefit the general public and be safety and/or health related. Any grant awarded must be utilized for:

  • public awareness regarding safety;
  • educational communication regarding safety; or
  • safety devices.

III. The grant can not exclusively serve the applicant organization or its staff.

IV. Grant applications for qualified projects will be considered for funding with the maximum Quincy Area Safety Council award being $1,000.00.

V. If the grant application is approved and the project is funded, the applicant organization must complete and submit to the QASC a written post-project report with details of the final outcome of the original intended purpose. This report must be submitted within one year of the grant being awarded.

To apply for a QASC safety grant

I. The applicant organization should submit an informational application by e-mail to
Alternatively, grant applications may be submitted via mail to QASC – Safety Grants, P.O. Box 1126,
Quincy, IL 62306.

II. The application should be in outline form and should answer each of the following questions with the corresponding question number listed as the heading for each answered section.

  1. Amount requested?
  2. Timeline for the project and the date it will be completed?
  3. Purpose for the grant and/or name of project?
  4. How will this grant benefit the general public and how is it safety and/or health related?
  5. Approximately how many people will this grant serve?
  6. Have you received a QASC grant in the past? If yes, please provide details?
  7. Applicant must provide a detailed breakdown of the total cost of the project.
  8. What other funding sources are being utilized for the project?
  9. If funded, may the QASC use your organization’s name for publicity purposes?

Other Guidelines

I. The QASC does not act as a fundraising agent for other organizations.

II. Grants are limited to a maximum of $1,000.00 per organization per QASC fiscal year. Grants are considered one-time only and are not guaranteed for future years. Organizations requiring future funding are encouraged to re-apply when they become eligible.

III. When a grant application is accepted and approved, the applicant organization will be notified that the QASC is making a pledge toward the project. The QASC will follow through with a check when requested.

IV. If the applicant’s project is not completed according to the applied for timeline or date of completion or the grant funds were not needed, the applicant agrees to refund the QASC for any portion of the grant that was not spent. Requests for timeline extensions should be made in writing to the QASC and will be considered for approval by the Board.

V. Any grant money awarded must be used for the purpose indicated in the grant application. Any changes to the use of the grant money must be submitted to the Board for approval.

VI. The QASC reserves the right to assign a mentor to any project that is approved for grant funding. This mentor shall be the Executive Director of the QASC or a QASC board member as designated by the board upon awarding the grant.

VII. The QASC accepts grant applications quarterly. Applications are due two (2) weeks prior to each scheduled Board meeting. Board meetings are scheduled as follows: May 21, 2014, June 18, 2014, September 17, 2014 , October 15, 2014, November 19, 2014, and December 17, 2014. For specific due dates or for more information, please contact the QASC at (217) 224-0149.

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