Video Library

Safety training videos are available free of charge for QASC members.  For further information regarding training videos, please contact the Quincy Area Safety Council at  Some of the topics available through the video library are:


Virtual Monthly Meetings

10 Most Commonly Cited OSHA Violations

Accident Investigation in the  Workplace

Bonding and Grounding   BG1
This video provides simple basic steps necessary to avoid accidents relating to failure to properly bond and ground in order to avoid static electricity. Particularly directed to bonding and grounding flammable liquids when being transferred.
Running time – 5 min.

Forklift-Basic Operating Rules

Handling Hazardous Waste SC 1 (new)

Hazard Communications   D5
An overview of Material Safety Data Sheets, Personal Protective Equipment, Labeling and training necessary to work safely with chemicals and substances that could cause health problems.
Running time – 5 min.

High-Impact Hazard Communication Training (ERI Video 2000)  Running Time – 19 Minutes  SC4 (new)

How to Develop an Effective Safety Program

Lock Energy To Zero ( CLMI Training Video) SC 5 (new)

OSHA Hazardous Energy Source (Lockout/Tagout)

OSHA-Record keeping/Insurance Paperwork   A16
Designed for administrators responsible for safety and insurance related matters. Is an important video training program for those who must maintain insurance and OSHA records.
Running time – 12 min.


Active Shooter Emergency Action Planning


Absenteeism/Tardiness   K5
Supervisors are the key management representatives in reducing absenteeism and tardiness. Program explains concepts, methods, and follow-up necessary to achieve goals in reducing these problems.
Running time – 16 min.

Americans with Disabilities Act. (ADA)   K12
This act became law July 26, 1990 and prohibits discrimination against qualified people with disabilities in employment, public service and transportation, accommodations and telecommunications. Video explains requirements of the law and is helpful in training management, supervisors, and employees.
Running time – 14 min.

Employee Safety Orientation

Housekeeping Responsibilities in Manufacturing   A22
This video is a refresher on the importance of good housekeeping and good order in the workplace. A clean plant is the first step in an improved safety effort.
Running time – 5 min.

Setting the Example for Your Employees   2016A
Video raises the importance of Supervisors and Management “setting the example” to improve rule compliance, cooperation and morale of employees.
Running time – 11 min.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace   K

DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing

Training New Employees to Meet Safety Standards   TR1
This provides a brief review of basic safety rules and OSHA requirements that must be observed by all workers to avoid injuries.
Running time – 5 min.


Blood Borne Pathogens; Preventine Electrical Accid

ents; ADA-SUMMARY. All in 1 video. SC 2 (new)

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)   E10
Explains what CTS is, how to prevent it and what employers can do to reduce the possibility of it occurring to workers in your operation.
Running time – 14 min.

Hear for a Lifetime   C1
An effective Hearing Conservation training video. Stresses the importance of protecting hearing and illustrates different types of hearing protection and their use.
Running time – 17 min.

Hearing Loss Prevention by  HI 5 Productions (7 minutes)  SC3 (new)


CW-Distracted-Driving 2