Benefits of Membership

safety-equipment-groupingWe invite you to join the Quincy Area Safety Council where you may join area professionals from various fields to network and improve safety at your workplace and in the community.

As a member of the National Safety Council and, in our partnership with the IA/IL Safety Council, we are proud to offer a wide array of services and benefits to our members. The Quincy Area Safety Council holds regular monthly meetings for members September—June. These meetings provide valuable networking opportunities for safety-minded individuals and professionals to network with peers and learn best safety practices utilized in business, industry, and public safety. The QASC is well represented in its membership by representatives from area businesses, safety consultants, and community and public safety. We are proud to present a united voice as a group of professionals who care about safety and want to provide tools for everyone to be safer in their daily lives.

In addition to the regular monthly meetings, the Quincy Area Safety Council hosts classes and seminars related to safety. To ensure members are up-to date with the latest safety information, newsletters are sent to members via e-mail on a regular basis. E-mail alerts and updates from the National Safety Council, IA/IL Safety Council, or other safety resources are available upon request.  Members also have an opportunity to ask other professionals safety questions on-line!

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Please take a moment to join the Quincy Area Safety Council today!

Summary of Membership Benefits

  • Training Videos
  • IA/IL Safety Council Member Pricing and Discounts
  • Members-Only Information and Updates Available through the National Safety Council
  • Access to Safety Checklists, Forms, and Programs
  • Resource List of Safety Professionals